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Oostende is a city found on the Belgian coast. It is protected by several dikes from the North Sea and is estimated to have 67,000 residents making it one of the highly populated cities in the region. During the 13th century, it received a charter and though there are no clear indications when the site was developed, it was initially known as fishing village. Through history, it was known as a plagued city and the decision of the first Belgian Kings to stay there during summers is known to have contributed to its development. For those who want to explore this area, there are some cheap hotels in Oosten that offer superb accommodation. Here is the list if budget and cheap hotels in Oostende:

Hotel Serge
Ranked among 1 star cheap hotels in Oosten this is a family run hotel, which is located in the center of the city. It is for this reason that it is considered an ideal place to stay. It also offers a great taste of the town’s culture and public transportation to and from the hotel is easily availed. It has 15 rooms, which are divided into different room types such as single room charged at EURO 40, double room at EURO 65 and rooms for 2 or more people at EURO 85 per night. The owners are friendly and can assist you explore the area.

Hotel La Cascada
This is a 1 star hotel that is family operated with several benefits for visitors to enjoy. It comes with free Wi-Fi access as well as free parking. The hotel has a homey feel to it and visitors are able to explore the naturally beautiful surrounding either on foot or using a bike. You can also opt to go shopping in Ostend or visit the nude beach. Each morning, they can also wake up to great buffet breakfast. It boasts of having 7 rooms, which are divided, into double rooms charged at EURO 85 for double occupancy and EURO 60 for single occupancy per night.

Infinity I, 0405
Ranked among 1 star cheap hotels in Oostende, this hotel is located close to the beach and is found in the city’s entertainment district. It is a private apartment that faces Oostende golf course and the Wellington Racetrack. It comes with two bedrooms with a private bathroom. Note that each of these rooms has its own bathroom thought he facilities in the master bedroom are more advanced. For starters, note that the master bathroom has double bed, bathtub, double sink and shower while the second bedroom has bunk bed, a smaller bathroom, sink and shower. The cost of the room will vary in accordance with the time you place your booking.

Windsor Castle Apartment
Ranked among the cheap hotels in Oostende, this is a 2 star hotel found close to Sint Petrus. It is also close to Paulus Cathedral, which is located in Oostende’s center. This apartment comes with a living area ,which is spacious as well as a kitchen. It has 3 hotel rooms, which include two bed roomed apartment for 4 adults charged at EURO 200 per night. Among the features that make this an ideal choice of stay is the fact that the hotel offers self service breakfast which can be picked at the bakery found downstairs or alternatively, it can be delivered to you.

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