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In Oostende, there are many restaurants and other eating places. The restaurants offer different kinds of cuisines and related services. The common types of cuisines provided in this area include Belgian, Asian, Mediterranean, Seasonal, Modern, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Indian, Oriental, International -fusion, fish dishes, Pizza, Portuguese, Spanish, Tapas, Traditional, Greek, Exotic, Buffet, Fondue, Flemish, Macrobiotic, French, Chinese, Bistro to mention but a few. Most of the restaurants offer cuisines that incorporate a lot of fish, fish products and sea foods due to the closeness of the area to sea. In this article, we will look at some of the restaurants and other eating places that can be found in Ostend.

First is the Beluga restaurant. This is located at the Kemmelbergstraat 33, 8400 Ostende. This offers mostly Belgian cuisine with little alterations for visitors convenience. Another restaurant is the Restaurant de Sloep. It is located at Visserskaai 16, Ostend. The location is on the harbor and photos of ships and old sea maps are all over the interior. It provides a Captain’s cabin that can hold up to 18 guests for business or private meals. Next is the Tao Bar, located at Langestraat 24-26, 8400 Ostend. The restaurant is popular for provision of hip hop, r&b, rap and funk music. It is also common for night life. Cafe ‘t Botteltje is located at the Louisastraat 19,8400 Ostend. This is popular for both tourists and locals. Best known for gin and extensive Belgian beers, which include numerous fruit beers and about 50 Belgian gins.

Other restaurants and eating places within Oostende include Acropolis restaurant, Apero Bouffe, Adelientje, ‘T Landhuys, ‘T Steentje, ‘T Genoegen among others. There are also street vendors where one can get all sorts of delicacies ranging from soups to plates of clams or shrimps.

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